2016 Patio

This is a second patio constructed above the 2015 patio on the same property. There is a pronounced slope in the northern portion and I had to figure out how to slow the water runoff  and construct a drain.

2015 Patio

This is the first patio I constructed with some help. We had to raise to downhill side, construct a partial frame along the northern edge, and compact the soil. Setting and fitting the flagstone was a lot of work, but it came out quite well. 

Newest Patio

I have recently completed work on another patio. This one is a smaller than the others (about 100 sq. ft.) but presented its own challenges. I needed to build a new frame and compact the entire area. The addition of the rocks and a a small birdbath on the east end was a means to use existing material from the property in a more functional manner. The first two images show how it started with just a few original pavers removed; the latter two show the completed project.