Cellos, Bread, and Patios

Hi everyone! As you can see, I now have a website, thanks to my super awesome sister-in-law, Jill. This is a place where you can catch up on my music and check out my latest handyman projects. If you need a cellist or string quartet for your event, give me a call. If you need some help around your home or yard, I’m available for that as well. I’m also a great cook, my specialties are homemade mustards, baked goods, and grilled meats. If you’re planning a dinner party and want some help, get in touch.

Listen to me on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Cellos, Bread, and Patios

    • When Jill created this website for me almost two years ago, you responded to it almost immediately. How did you hear of it? I can find no way to promote it within itself.

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